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Go live and play your fav songs. From deep-cuts to underground artist recs, talk music with people who get it.

Create a show for the chance to earn hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every month when you qualify for the Creator Fund.

Go live and start earning monthly cash rewards when you qualify.
Amp is where music lovers come to discover new tracks and connect with other fans and their friends. Find your group or get inspired to create your own.
Getting Started

Start your Amp journey on your best foot with some tips and best practices designed to help optimize your Amp experience.

Here’s your map to find shows and people on your wavelength. From a chill search to deep dives, you’ll learn how to navigate the app on your terms. Let’s get swiping.
Find the basics you need to set up your profile, show info and to prep your show and music playlist.
Mic check! You set up your profile, set the playlist, and now you’re ready to go live for the first time.
Tips to develop an audience and start to build community
Ready to set the vibe? Here are our tips to create your own Mood Mix live whenever the mood hits you.
Find basics on the Amp Creator Fund
Frequently Asked Questions
See our regularly updated FAQs
Can I listen to Amp on desktop?
Hit the ▶ button on the Amp Web Player to get a taste test of Amp. No iOS, account, sign in, or credit card details necessary. Live 24/7, the Amp Web Player plays a variety of the most popular shows at any given times. Bookmark the tab, it’s on all day.

For the full Amp experience (follow creators, call-in, creating shows) download Amp from the App Store.
Does Amp work with my Alexa device?
Yes, Amp is compatible with most Echo devices (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show). Amp is also compatible with the Alexa mobile app on both Android and iOS devices. You can use the Alexa app even if you don’t own an Alexa device. This means that anyone with an Android phone can download the Alexa app to listen to Amp.

To start listening, simply say, “Alexa, play Amp.” You can also say, “Alexa, next,” to find the perfect show for you. Alexa can even find your favorite artist when they are live on Amp. Just say, “Alexa, play Tinashe on Amp,” or another artist you’re looking for. Alexa can also find your favorite live Amp show. Just say, “Alexa, play ‘Music Lovers Only’,” or another show title to start listening. You can even ask Alexa to access more features like call-in or to create a show, continue to use the Amp app. Please note that Amp is not yet compatible on third-party Alexa enabled devices (Fire TV, Sonos, Bose, etc.).
Can I really play licensed music on Amp, and how do I do it?
The Amp music library has tens of millions of licensed songs to curate for your audience. You can add songs to your show anytime during show set up or when you’re live by navigating to the “Playlist” tab. You’ll see an “Add Songs” button, where you can search the Amp library and create your own playlist of songs for your show. To preview a song before adding it to your playlist, you can long press the song from search to hear a 30-second snippet. Find out more about using songs from the Amp library in your show here.
Why can’t I find a song?
The Amp music library features tens of millions of songs and we’re adding millions more. If there’s something you can’t find, let us know here.
When will Amp be available in my country or region?
Amp is only available in the US at the moment, but making it available to creators and listeners across the globe is on the roadmap. You can stay updated on our progress by subscribing to the Amp Newsletter. We’re here for your suggestions (or hot takes), too. You can share them here. We read everything!
What is the Amp Creator Fund?
We’re launching the Creator Fund to support Amp’s community and foster their creativity by offering something in return for dedication to their craft. We’ll continue to explore further monetization opportunities for Amp creators — this is our first step in giving back. The Creator Fund supports creators big and small, regardless of background or experience level, for their hard work in creating engaging, entertaining content.

Each month, we’ll reach out to selected creators with reward amounts and instructions on how to claim. Rewards will generally be determined based on listener engagement and show performance metrics.

To be eligible for monthly rewards, all you need to do is start creating. No application is needed; any creator who meets the eligibility criteria has the opportunity to earn from the Creator Fund. Here are some best practices to help you get started.