Welcome to Amp

Stream your own radio show with the songs you love


Welcome to Amp, where people come together to create live, shared radio shows with the music they love. For free.

The Amp music library is stacked with tens of millions of licensed songs to curate for your audience — the throwbacks, the obscure, and today’s newest. And we’re adding millions more.

It’s easy to share your voice and favorite songs with the world on Amp. Decide on a show title, create a playlist, and you’re just seconds away from streaming your own radio show to live audiences, and taking callers.

Play music. Riff on sports, or pop culture. Share your hot takes and playlists with like-minded listeners. Or call in to live shows and talk with hosts in real-time. Create endless show formats – sports recaps, themed song countdowns, pop culture news reactions, and more. The mic is yours.

Not ready to host a show? Amp is home to some of the world’s best entertainers. Tune in to top creators, athletes and artists to experience radio your way. Discover new creators before they’re famous.

Our roadmap is robust, and focused on introducing interactive features to build communities and help everyone’s voice, big or small, be heard. We’re working towards things like chat, creator monetization, and equitable discovery – to help small creators get found.

We’re on this journey together. So check back frequently, add your email to the mailing list for news, updates and creator opportunities, and hit us with suggestions to help us create the most rewarding experience for you.

Create a show, call-in, or bop along to some tunes – together. You run the airwaves.