Now Live on Android

With Amp now on Android, you can reach more listeners, discover more shows, and connect with our growing community.


Android users can now dive into an Amp experience with more creators, listeners, music, topics and communities for you to follow and be a part of. Download the app in the Google Play Store to start creating and listening to live audio shows with music you love and unscripted moments that make live experiences 🔥. With the app you can go live, express yourself through talk and playlists made from tens of millions of licensed songs, and directly engage with creators and communities who share the same music and passions. No monthly fees or studio equipment required—all you need is your phone and the app.

Download Amp in the Google Play Store for app-only features like:

  • Chat to connect with other music lovers
  • Search for shows, users, topics, music genres and categories you’re in the mood for.
  • Create and broadcast your own radio show with licensed music.
  • Follow creators and receive notifications for when they go live.
  • React to moments you like with a 👏 or a ♡.

Replays will be coming soon for Android listeners, but Android creators’ shows will still be available on-demand for iOS listeners for two weeks after your show airs. This means more listeners, followers and ❤️ for your show. This is just our first release on Android, so make sure to keep auto-updates turned on so you get all the new features we’re dropping in the next few weeks and months 👀🔔

If you’re on Amp on iOS, spread the word to your friends and family that that they can now listen your latest live show, or drop their takes in chat — calling in will be available for Android listeners soon.

Android users, we want your feedback on the early Amp on Android experience, so send us a chat from the Setting page in the app, or submit your feature ideas here.