Back of The Net:
2022 World Cup

Will Arnett is live from Qatar
with daily soccer recap shows, and you can create your own, too!

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It’s the biggest sporting event in the world (change our mind), and from 11/21, you can drop comments and call in to live soccer-themed radio shows hosted by the likes of Will Arnett, Men in Blazers, Touchline Fracas, and more covering all the action in Qatar, or create your very own shows to share your takes with fans.

Starting 11/21, comedian Will Arnett turns his attention from Formula 1 to a sport he knows slightly better (IYKYK) as host of Back of the Net: 2022 World Cup, an almost daily show live from the host nation with US women’s soccer star Samantha Mewis and special guests — with word some of his SmartLess cohorts and NFL friends may call in, too.

Follow @backofthenet and turn notifs “on” to be part of a show celebrating the weird and wonderful world of soccer’s biggest tournament. Forget formations and tactics, Back of the Net is more concerned with what makes “the beautiful game” beautiful: the people. Will and friends will be empowering fans to have their say live on the show — not just about the soccer but also the hilarious moments, anecdotes, and stories that come to life every four years (see schedule below). Follow @backofthenet, listen on the web player, or say, “Alexa, Listen to Back of the Net on Amp.”

In the mood for a more serious (somewhat) take on all the live action in Qatar? Look no further than @meninblazers, @touchlinefracas, and @moneylinemonaco, Amp sports faves applying their wares to some special football programming over the coming three weeks. Remember to follow, and turn those notifs “on” to never miss an impromptu show when breaking news calls for it.

Or, create your own soccer shows covering all the action from Qatar over the next few weeks, and you may be eligible to earn rewards through the Amp Creator Fund. Just select the “Worldwide Football” tag and go live, sharing your own takes on your very own shows with audiences across the country.

Find our more about the Amp Creator Fund here.

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You can also catch replays of Back of The Net corresponding days at 6pm PST and 10pm PST on @socceronamp.