Love Letters

Pop star Betty Who shines a positive light on TV shows, relationships and other beloved topics every Thursday @ 5pm PT/8pm ET.

Love Letters with Betty Who
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About the show

Love Letters is where positivity shines. Each week, Betty Who brings topics she loves and can’t wait to talk about, and dedication hours where you can call in, go off about that special someone, and even request “your song” for the world to hear. So if you’re a fan of Lizzie McGuire, Severance, healthy communication in relationships, or any other topic Betty loves, call in to gush over it with her LIVE!

Watch @bettywho’s socials each week for announcements on upcoming shows.

Betty Who

Australian pop trailblazer Betty Who has been blasting out her brand of exuberant pop since her viral hit Somebody Loves You debuted in 2014. As a rising LGBTQ+ star, she went on to soundtrack Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot with All Things, and formed deep ties with foundations like GLAAD and the Trevor Project.

After a time with major labels, the infectious and always inclusive singer-songwriter, went on to rediscover her power as an independent artist. Now, with her fourth and latest album BIG!, and a new live radio show called Love Letters on Amp, Betty Who is joyously opening up like never before with immense self-love and acceptance.

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