Chat is LIVE on Amp

“You want it, you got it” — Detroit Emeralds, circa 1972.


For the late night listeners, the shy stans, the lurkers, the fans in the way way back. We heard you. We got you.

Chat is here.

Creators, now you can field questions, play trivia, and respond to your community in real time during your show and in song play. Chat is automatically enabled for all shows, but if you’d rather have peace and quiet, you can disable chat before you go live, or at any time during your show.

Listeners, connect with hosts and each other, discuss the latest drama, and engage with the show and music in real-time. Send claps, comment, and clap back (keep it friendly). You can even follow like-minded community members by tapping on their usernames.

It just might become your new favorite way to interact. Remember to be cool, treat hosts and listeners with respect, and have fun!

Here’s the lowdown:

All messages sent in chat must abide by our House Rules and Terms of Use and any inappropriate or abusive chats can be reported by holding down on the message and tapping “Report.” Show hosts can see all messages from the beginning of the show, but listeners can only see messages from the time they joined. Chats are not archived. We’re always looking to improve, so if you have suggestions or feedback on the chat feature please submit that here.