Summer Releases Roundup

Catch up with the latest features and improvements to your Amp experience.


Summer may be but a memory, but our Amp product and creator teams are staying hot. Get caught up on some the brand new in-app features, a handy web player for our Android friends, and our first step in creator rewards.

My Music

Your music, when you want it. Save any song you hear on Amp by tapping the “+” icon on the album art as it’s playing. Keep your favorites on deck for the next time you go live, or log into Amazon Music (every Amp user gets a free account) and access your “My Music on Amp” playlist to listen anytime. You can edit songs on the fly from either app.

Amp Web Player

Guest mode is enabled. Taste test Amp on the new one-touch Amp Web Player, designed to welcome more listeners to the Amp experience. Tap into popular shows and listen to creators, athletes and artists do radio better than radio does radio. No account, sign in, or iOS necessary. Just press play.

Don’t have the app, but see one of your fav creators post a link to their show? Follow that link to listen on the Amp Web Player when they go live.

Live 24/7, the Amp Web Player plays a variety of the most popular shows at any given time. Bookmark the tab and come back anytime. Available on mobile and desktop.

To throw comments in chat or call in to a show, download the app.

Creator Fund

Creator Fund_Banner_2436x1125.png

From late-night relationship chats to live on-air psychic readings to all-killer no-filler playlists, Amp creators continue to reimagine radio.

The Amp Creator Fund is a program focused on giving qualifying Amp creators a chance to earn money by doing what they do best: create. Rewards aren’t just for creators with big communities, but creators with small, tight-knit ones, too. Funds will be rewarded monthly, recognizing qualifying creators based on listener engagement and show performance metrics. It’s our way of recognizing the hard work of Amp’s community of creators.

For more information and frequently-asked questions, click here.

Vibes & Decades Topic Tags


It’s a vibe. Vibes tags can now be added to shows, to make it easier to for your listeners to find a show that matches their mood. Playing music to relax on the couch on Sunday night? That’s a chill vibe, mark it. Or maybe your pregame playlist is too good not to be shared. Pick a few tags that connect to your show and help listeners find you.

And, it’s not old, it’s vintage. Decades tags can now be added to shows, so you can create or discover shows themed around a particular era.

Closed Captions

You can now can enable Closed Captions by tapping the three dots menu on any show page. Once enabled, you can see a transcription of what the host is saying, and a record of what tracks they’ve played while you’ve been listening. You can turn it off at any time. Closed Captioning supports English language shows only.

Audio In Discovery

Peek into any show before dropping in. Tap the sound icon to toggle the previews on or off. If you like what you hear, jump in!

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