Build an Audience

Tips to develop an audience and start to build community


If you’ve been on Amp for a while, you may have noticed that some shows have consistent audiences and thriving communities. By keeping the following best practices in mind, you too can take steps to building an audience that comes back again and again.

Develop Your Theme

Are you a Hip-Hop head who listens to mixtapes from the ‘90s? Or maybe you’re a die-hard basketball fan that keeps pace with the latest trades and playoff races. Just be sure to build around what you love! While you can host a show on Amp about (almost) anything, it’s easier to bring good energy to topics you know and love. Your listeners will hear it, too.


Find Your Cadence

Scheduling your future shows is a great way to help your audience know when you’re coming back, and help you stay on track for the show you’re trying to build. The most successful creators develop a cadence of a weekly, twice-weekly, or even daily shows and keep them scheduled in the app. Creators who go live more often are more likely to find audiences quicker than those who go live at random.

Top Amp creator and 25-year radio veteran Kendall B has tips on building a show schedule that works for you.

Stick With It

Consistency is key. Building an audience of listeners takes time, but going live frequently helps build trust with your listeners. Life happens and you can always reschedule or go live later. But it’s important to honor your schedule as much as possible.


Do It With Friends

Going live with a friend, or inviting your friends to call in, makes for an inclusive and awesome experience. It can be a great way to break down the barrier of hosting for the first time. And say hi to the listeners in chat! Creators who engage with their audiences tend to do better (and make more new friends).

Be Real With Your Listeners

Perfection is not required. It can be daunting to put yourself out there, but there’s a welcoming, vibrant community on Amp that’s ready to hear what you have to say. Invite people to call-in, chat, and follow you on Amp and other platforms. Soon, you’ll start seeing the same faces.

Make It Special

So when you do, shout ‘em out! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your community, either. Even the small things can make a difference and help your shows feel like a gathering of friends.

  • Is there an emoji you can choose to associate with your show? Encourage listeners to interact with it.
  • If you’re creating separate shows with a larger community, use hashtags to link them together.
  • Follow back! Jump into their shows and share the love.

Follow Amp Crew

Did you know Amp has an official show, hosted by real employees? We do! This is a great place to learn about the latest features and news about Amp, as well as meet other creators in the community. Drop a comment in chat, or call-in and ask questions about all things Amp. Follow them here.

Building a dedicated audience takes time, and it’s something that many creators work hard to build. Find a theme and time that works best for you, then try your best to stick with it. Engaging with your listeners via chat and call-in and following back also help foster the bonds between the audience and you.

Nailed it! You’re ready to go live and start building the next great Amp show.

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