Becoming a caller. Participating in a show and getting a taste of filling a host’s shoes

Ever wanted to become a creator but couldn’t find the time to commit? Dip your toe in the water by calling in, and engaging with your favorite creators. Request songs, share your hot takes, and before long you’ll be a leader of the community. Next step, creator.

Request to Call In

The show host can turn the call-in feature on or off. If you can’t see the button it means the host isn’t taking callers at that time – or is at capacity, with a maximum of 5 callers. When the button is visible, tap it, and you’ll see it transition to a “waiting” sequence to signify the host has been notified of your request.

Joining a Show

If the host accepts your request, you’ll see the call-in button transition to a “joining” sequence, and your profile picture will appear on screen. Caller microphones are automatically muted, so be sure to turn your mic on and unmute yourself when the host passes the mic over to you.

Note: When called in, and a song is playing, music audio quality may be reduced for callers to reduce latency.

Cancelling a Request

You can cancel a call-in request at any time by tapping the same button (now with an x) and confirming you wish to end the request.


All callers are automatically muted once they’re invited to join a show. Callers can mute and unmute themselves anytime (except when songs are playing) by tapping the mute icon. When music is playing, hosts and callers are automatically muted for the duration of the song.


Ending a Call

Callers can end their call at anytime by tapping the “end call” button. You’ll still be able to listen to the show after you’ve ended your call.

Call-In Etiquette

Each show host will have their own community and call-in rules. And unless they say otherwise, one of the best ways to become a regular is to remain on mute until the host is ready to hand over the mic, and asks you to unmute.

Audio tip: Amp supports Bluetooth-connected headphones and most headphones connected through the iPhone jack. Using auxiliary headphones and your phone’s built-in microphone provides the richest audio experience.

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