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Going live is (almost) as easy as a tap and a swipe

Awesome. Amp is designed to make going live as easy as a tap and a swipe. And we want to make sure your content is easily discovered by your intended audience. So before you go live, here are some best practices to help you and your content standout.

Show Setup

Tap the “create” button from your home screen or profile and the creator studio will appear. It’s here that you can create shows spontaneously or schedule them in advance. Amp helps your content find its right audience when your show details are completed accurately and in full.

Show Art

Your profile pic will automatically appear here. Editing show art is not possible during Beta testing. Changing your profile pic will change your show art, but given this is the image people will associate with your brand on Amp, we recommend retaining a single profile pic during Beta. Whatever you choose should be consistent with your other channels, and help give listeners context about you or your show.

Show Title

A good title can help listeners find you when they’re searching for a show to listen to. It also helps provide context for what your show is about so listeners are enticed to check the show out. You’ll have up to 60 characters, but we recommend using no more than 30 to keep your title specific, appealing, and on one line. Your title should be easy to understand, with a hook.

  • Good: Naughties Electronica Trivia
  • Bad: Who is Eric Pridze Jr v Ministry of Sound beef circa 2002?
  • Good: Live reactions to Lakers v Utah
  • Bad: Whose gonna take the w at staples tonight?
  • Good: Discussion: Go-To Sob Tunes + Call-In is on!
  • Bad: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours - fav Sob tunes that is!


Topic tags are what help drive discovery on Amp. Accurately selecting all three is super important to helping your content reach its best audience, and you’ll need at least one topic set to go live. In any case, the first topic selected will serve as your primary topic in recommendations. Miscategorizing your content will negatively affect your show’s reach, and potentially put you at risk of violating Amp’s Community Guidelines.

Show Description

If a good show title is the hook that gets listeners to click in, then a good description is what gets them to stay a while. It’s valuable context for new or late listeners. With up to 80 characters, your description should preview the payoff — what the show’s about, what listeners can expect (without naming specific songs or albums), and why they should stick around through to the end.

Explicit/Mature Content

If your show or music choices are going to include mature or adult themes, or language that is not suitable to all listeners, you’ll need to check this box. When you create a show, this box is automatically checked. If you uncheck the box, only non-explicit songs will be available in the music library. See Community Guidelines for more details.

Continue Setup

Once you’ve completed your show details, you’ll select the “continue setup” button from where you can go live immediately, or add songs to your show.

Add Music

Tap the “playlist” button during show set-up or when you’re live. This is where your playlist lives and you can add songs or see songs you’ve already selected. When you tap the “add songs” button, you’ll be able to search from tens of millions of songs in the Amp library – from the classics, to the obscure, through today’s biggest hits. There’s no limit to how many songs you can add. For more details on using the Amp music library please see our Amp Music Guidelines.

Note: While you can’t re-arrange songs in your playlist just yet, you can play them in any order. We’re in beta and will constantly be rolling out updates to improve your experience.

How to add music to your Amp show

    Edit Show Details

    You can edit show details anytime, including when live, by tapping tapping your show title. This allows you to change your description, your scheduled air time, or even delete your show entirely. You can edit your playlist anytime by selecting the “playlist” button.

    Schedule a Future Show

    The same process as above, only you select the “schedule for later” toggle on your show details page, then choose a date and time. Upcoming shows will be visible in your profile, and if your notification permissions are on you’ll be notified in advance of your scheduled air time (twice!). You can always edit details and add songs later. Scheduling upcoming shows will not affect your ability to go live spontaneously with different content. All completed upcoming shows will be visible on the home page up to seven days in advance of your scheduled start, allowing listeners to set reminders and be notified when your scheduled show goes live.

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