Create Engaging Shows

Incorporate some of the basics to get the most out of your show


Amp content is live, shared, and entertaining. You’re co-creating your show with your community. Anyone can be successful on Amp if they keep in mind these best practices:

Entertain In Real-Time

While it’s important to have a rough plan for your show, the beauty of live content is that anything can happen. Like a live concert or sporting event, the best livestreams create those unexpected ‘you just had to be there’ moments for listeners. Use the interwebs to react to trending topics, or reviews of the songs you’re playing. Take callers. Improvise and have fun.

Add Music To Your Show

Never worry about dead air when listeners are waiting. With tens of millions of songs in the Amp library to choose from, you can load your playlist with as many tracks as you like, and drop them in whenever you feel the need. Theme your playlists to make every show unique.

Co-Create With Your Community

Think of your show like a party and you’re the host. It’s your responsibility to make sure your listeners are interacting (calling in, sharing their takes) and having a good time. Co-create your show with listeners by asking for their opinions, input, and song requests. Note: Song requests from listeners cannot make up a substantial portion of your show. For more information on using music in yours shows check out the Amp Music Guidelines.

Put Personality First

Find Your Voice (placeholder)

Take a minute to think about what makes you or your show unique and run with that. Whether you’re streaming as your authentic self or a persona you’ve created, your unique point of view is what listeners care about most. You don’t need the best equipment or most elaborate set-up — just do you!

Welcome New Listeners

New listeners are more likely to stick around when you acknowledge them. When you see new listeners join the show, say hello and let them know what you’re up to, what’s coming next, and how they can participate.

Encourage Callers

Not everyone will be comfortable calling in. They’re gonna need some prompting. Make sure your call-in requests are enabled, then encourage and accept callers whenever possible. Creating a welcoming environment, nurturing conversations, and acknowledging caller contributions will encourage them to become regulars.

Thank Would-Be Callers

Sometimes you won’t be able to accept all caller requests. Totally normal. When you can’t accept callers, try verbally acknowledging them in the show, thanking them for making the effort, and encouraging them to call back in next show.

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