Create Your Own Show

Find the basics you need to set up your profile, show info and to prep your show and music playlist.


It’s easy to share your voice and favorite songs with the world on Amp. Decide on a show title, create a playlist, and you’re just seconds away from streaming your own radio show to live audiences.

But before you launch into the airwaves, let’s make sure you’re set for success.

Log In and Set Up Your Profile

Log in with your Amazon account (or create a new one just for Amp). Make sure you have a valid email address attached to it, since this is where you’ll receive official Amp communications.


Upload a profile picture and set up your profile. The profile photo should be a high-quality photo (like a headshot) or custom art that lets your audience know who you are. Think of this as a way to “market” your show to your audience. Hint: if you don’t like your background color, upload your profile pic again. It will change.

Choose your handle wisely. You can’t change it once you’ve finished setting up the profile. Something that ties to who you are on other platforms or a nod to your show theme are good places to start.

Next: your Amp bio. Let people know what your shows are about and when you go live. Reminding audiences to follow you never hurts, either.

You also have room to add a link! Whether it’s a social media profile, a personal portfolio or a Linktree, think about how you use your link to help your audiences get to know you.

Prepping Your First Show

Once your profile is crispy clean, it’s time to plan your first show.

Don’t worry too much about committing to a time slot or a theme just yet — these will become clearer once you’ve got a few shows under your belt. For now, let’s get the first show on the airwaves.

Tap the “create” button from your home screen or profile and the creator studio will appear. It’s here that you can create shows spontaneously or schedule them in advance. Amp helps your content find its right audience when your show details are completed accurately and in full.

Show Title, Description and Tags

You’ll have up to 60 characters, but we recommend using no more than 30 to keep your title specific, appealing, and on one line. Your title should be easy to understand, with a hook.

Good: Late Nite R&B w/ FrediJamz

Not So Good: Vibezzz

If a good show title is the hook that gets listeners to click in, then a good description is what gets them to stay a while. It’s valuable context for new or late listeners. With up to 80 characters, your description should preview the payoff — what the show’s about, what listeners can expect (without naming specific songs or albums), and why they should stick around through to the end.


Topic tags drive discovery on Amp. Accurately selecting all three tags is crucial to help your content reach its best audience.

Pro tip: Take a look at the most popular shows on Amp and see if your show needs to stand out from the crowd or helps fill a content gap.

Explicit/Mature Content

If your show or music choices are going to include mature/adult themes or language, make sure to check the box. If you uncheck the box, only non-explicit songs will be available in the music library. See Community Guidelines for more details.

Adding Music


Music can be found and added to your show via the “Playlist” tab, where you’ll be able to search from tens of millions of songs in the Amp library – from the classics, to the obscure, through today’s biggest hits.

There’s no limit to how many songs you can add. If you want to preview a song, just long press the song from search and you’ll get a 30 second preview.

If you have any questions around using music in your show, check out the Amp Music Guidelines.

Go Live, Or Save it For Later

Once your show details and your playlist are good to go, you can tap “Go Live” in the top left corner. If you’re setting up the show for a later date, just select “schedule for later” in the show details page. Here, you can select a date and time for the show. Don’t worry about remembering — Amp will send you reminders before show time. And if you miss it, your show will be saved as a draft.

Ready to rock? Continue to the Hit the Airwaves lesson for a walk-through on how to nail your first show.

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