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Optimize your show to qualify for rewards

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Since launching the Creator Fund, we have seen incredible creativity and engagement from creators of all kinds. But as Amp grows and more creators join, it is worth refreshing yourself on how to level up shows and optimize your chances of qualifying for rewards.

Remember, not everyone will receive a reward from the Creator Fund in a given month, and qualifying in one month does not guarantee qualifying in the next month.

On Amp, you’re always welcome to host whatever type of show makes you happy. But if qualifying for creator rewards is important to you, following our Creator Fund’s “Do’s & Don’ts” may be helpful.

Do: Host a Show

You don’t need to be a professional radio host or have previous creator experience to succeed on Amp. But making good content does require a bit of planning. Think about the show you want to host, sketch out some ideas, and let your social networks know about its launch. Encourage your friends and followers to download the app and tune in to your shows. Then, open up the phone lines, welcome new listeners, and engage with your listeners via chat and call-in. Remind your audience who they are listening to and maintain that on-air presence.

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Do: Bring Back Listeners

The best content always keeps us coming back for more. What are you offering your audience that can’t be found elsewhere? Maybe it’s the underground hip-hop playlist or those indispensable post-game breakdowns. Whatever your niche, double-down on your most impactful show topics by hosting consistently. Use social media promotions to remind your audience to tune into your shows.

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Do: Claim Your Reward

Did you know your Creator Fund reward will expire if you don’t claim it in time? To avoid this, make sure you promptly follow your Payment Portal set up instructions in your reward notice email. You will use your existing Amp credentials to log into the Payment Portal.

Note that Amp’s Creator Fund will only send you reward emails from

Creator Fund FAQs

Don’t: Play Music Without Engaging

While it might be tempting to just press play on a playlist, the Creator Fund rewards hosts based on listener engagement and show performance metrics, such as show popularity with new and recurring listeners.

Amp is about connecting with others over the music and topics you love, and there is not much room for engagement during a 40-minute track of ocean sounds.

Don’t: Go Live For Hours (and Hours, and Hours)

The Amp Creator Fund does not encourage marathon shows, so be mindful of your show’s length. One to three hour shows are ideal — any longer, and you run the risk of burning yourself out and losing your audience.

Marathon shows can be still fun as long as you keep the party going with the community! Pass the mic by sending your audience to another show once you start running out of steam. Note: Amp will automatically end shows that run over 12 hours.

Don’t: Ignore the House Rules

Violating Amp’s Terms of Use and/or Community Guidelines will disqualify you from the Creator Fund. As a best practice, read through our Terms of Use, Community Guidelines, and Music Guidelines regularly to make sure you are familiar with what is and is not allowed on Amp.

Amp’s Music Guidelines
Amp’s Terms of Use
Community Guidelines

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