Creator Spotlight: Britty Bit

On being herself, staying true, and playing all the hits.

Britty Bit on AmpCrew
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Jump on Amp — morning, noon, or night — and you’re likely to come across a show by Brittney Williams, aka “Britty Bit.” Williams has quickly become one of the most popular and present voices on Amp, hosting hours-long, epic shows that span the genres.

An avowed music head, she plays everything from 90’s R&B to contemporary hip-hop, then spins gospel music on Sunday mornings during her devotional show. She also hosts music trivia shows and a six-degrees-of-separation themed show. And she happens to hold a law degree from the University of Virginia.

Williams is unapologetically herself during her shows, laughing at will and interjecting with a “PEW PEW PEW” when she’s feeling something. It’s really no surprise that Williams has built a community around her shows as quickly as she has. She presents her true, authentic self every time she launches an Amp show.

“Be authentic, that’s my number one tip,” says Williams. “Be organic, be authentic. Then focus on being consistent.”

Williams has no problems nailing the authenticity, often going deep into the archives to play deep cuts, lost tracks, and other hidden gems that she perhaps only she likes.

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“I didn’t do anything specific [to gain listeners],” she says. “I really just did what I enjoy, and people can hear me play a balance. I played artists that people don’t care about. I will play Eric Benet and ‘Chocolate Legs’ til the day I die.”

Her community was active in chat during the interview, ensuring her that the playlists and her authentic reactions were a feature of her shows, not a bug. Even if she’s sometimes prone to shedding a few tears. “I can’t control the water works,” laughs Williams. She’s quickly becoming one of the most popular and present faces on Amp.

“When you ask how I build community, I think I’m just up here and being myself. I know there’s people who have been here later in the game, and it probably just looks like I’m like this person that just has this huge following. But I swear I just came up here. Little old me, who was a mess from work and corporate America.”

Williams has been on Amp since the early days, cranking out shows that make her happy. She hasn’t always had the following she does now, and likens her first few shows like playing songs in the car for a few friends.

“Someone used to give you the AUX cord in their car, and you had a chance to show off in front of like, three people. Now you might only have two people in your [show], but that’s like having two people in the car. That used to be a stunt.”

Williams is taking a brief respite from the world of law, a profession she says stifled her creativity and boxed her in. She says that Amp has been a major factor in lifting her spirits and connecting her to the music she loves.

“I’m not the type to be able to halfway do things, which is how I got [to become a lawyer]. But I did burn myself out in the legal field for a little bit,” she says. “I think because my creativity has been suffocated for so long, I’m really enjoying this. I wake up and I’m excited to think creatively about my sets. It doesn’t feel like a chore.”

You can follow Brittney Williams on Amp at @britty_bit. Enable notifications so you know the next time she goes live.

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