Creator Spotlight: Kendall B

Tricks of the trade with a radio veteran

Kendall B chats with Amp Crew
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At 6 AM, many of us could use a jolt of energy to drag us out of bed. Turn on Amp on a weekday morning and you’ll be greeted by an early show DJ who knows what you need and is playing the hits.

Kendall B, a near 30-year veteran of radio, is no stranger to the consistent (albeit early) schedule of the airwaves.

“When I tell people I don’t even drink coffee they can’t believe it,” he laughs, admitting to his enviable, un-caffeinated energy. His morning show starts at 6 AM PST but you’d think Kendall was halfway through his afternoon. He’s breaking down music and culture before half the city is out of bed.

How does he do it? Years of experience in radio certainly doesn’t hurt. But Kendall’s process is fairly simple — do what makes you happy, build a routine, and let the rest follow.

Leading With What You Love

Kendall cut his teeth on student radio at Syracuse, before moving on to radio stations in North Carolina and Denver. 20+ years later, he’s still hosting the morning show, and driven by a deep love for the craft that started with a little red tape recorder he was gifted as a child.


“I love doing it,” says Kendall. “It’s just the way I’m built. If you told me that I could just do this, and Amp could provide for me from now until the day I’m called away, I would do it.”


As many creators have mentioned, you need the repetition of motion to build the Amp muscles — consistency is truly the name of the game. Whether your goal is a weekday morning show like Kendall or just a jam session on Sunday afternoons, make the commitment to yourself and stick by it.


Build Your Crew

As a new creator, if you have a show concept you love and the drive to make it consistently, you’re nearly there. All that’s left is to let people know where and when they can find you. Sometimes it’s as simple as going to your immediate circle of family and friends and saying, “hey, I’d love for you to come listen to me for a minute,” says Kendall.


“Do what you do for you, and people will hear your genuine side and they’ll come find you. Don’t be concerned about [the audience numbers] in the very beginning,” he says.

It also never hurts to learn from those who do it best. You can catch Kendall B on the air every weekday from 6a-9a PST, where he brings R&B and positive vibes every morning.

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