Creator Spotlight: Lazaro

Bring personality to your shows and lead with kindness — creator tips from Laz Alberto

Laz Alberto is one of Amp’s most popular and purposeful creators. The California singer-songwriter’s one-of-a-kind energy and positivity bring listeners a big-hearted boost when needed most — in the mornings.

“If people are going to start their day with my show, I want to match that energy and give them something positive and give them something good to go into their day with,” says Laz, host of The Early Show on Amp.

Speaking to a growing audience on weekday mornings, Laz spins feel-good tracks from Harry Styles and doesn’t shy away from his unabashed love for Taylor Swift.

“The show really revolves around not just music but I also [share] affirmations or motivational quotes. I just kind of keep the energy positive and the energy strong.”

So how does Laz do it? We caught up with the California local to bring you his behind-the-scenes tips.

Create a Meaningful Show

Laz has only recently put his efforts into making content after working a tech job until deep in the pandemic. One thing he discovered was how much space there was online for positivity and meaning. “There’s so much content on the Internet that’s, like, kind of meaningless. And at its worst — and way too often — it’s negative. And so I want to be positive. That inspires me to just keep making stuff.”

Put Personality First

The Early Show on Amp is an extension of Laz himself. “What you see in my videos or in my shows, like that’s just genuinely me, interacting with people. And the same thing here on Amp. When I’m talking here, we’re live. You and I are just having this experience — unfiltered and unscripted.”

Embrace Your Favorites

Listen to Laz long enough, and the playlist will inevitably turn over to his ride-or-die favorite, John Mayer. “John Mayer. I mean, how much time do we have,” laughs Laz. “We don’t have enough time.”

As an aspiring guitarist, Laz is often in awe of John Mayer’s guitar wizardry. “The musicality is absolutely top-notch, which a lot of people who may be casually have listened to some of his radio hits might not realize,” he says.

Laz is such a huge fan he even got “Born To Run” tattooed as an homage to John Mayor on the same spot and bicep as John Mayer got the Bruce Springsteen song title tattooed. “I thought a John Mayer tattoo for my first one was a little too on-the-nose.”

Be Spontaneous, But Have a Plan

As his audience grows, so does the commitment and preparation required to put on quality shows. Slowly but surely, Laz has become a full-time “Content Creator,” a title he chuckles at, but one he’s gradually embracing with his signature positivity attached.
“My response to someone just getting started is to say, like, just go live. Just do it. There’s definitely a time and place for the spontaneity and for not really having a plan. Just fly in blind and go live because if you want to get started on Amp, just do it.”
But he adds, “That said, the more energy you put into creating your show, the more that energy will come through to the people listening and the more it will resonate on Amp.”

When Laz isn’t popping up on Omegle to sing to strangers or breaking down new music on his popular YouTube channel, you can find him on Amp Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 8 am.

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