Creator Stories: Starting From Scratch

Build your audience of listeners from a handful to a houseful


Creating an Amp show is easy. But building a dedicated audience that comes back for each show and engages with you takes time. Luckily, you don’t need a large social media following or previous creator experience to find success on Amp. Everyday people make shows about what they love, and make money doing it.

Creators@donnysmoove and @jadira chatted with Amp Crew to give their tips on building a show from the ground up.

Have Your Purpose In Mind

What do you want to talk about on Amp? What kind of music do you want to play? Thinking about your purpose for the show will not only center your ideas around a theme, but also helps you think through your idea.


Both creators mentioned the importance of thinking about your format before going live.

Call In To Other Shows First

One of the best ways to build relationships with others on Amp is to join shows. Call in, chat, and engage with other creators on the app. Oftentimes they’ll be your best teachers and can offer a welcoming community. Then, they just might help you launch your own show.

jadira quote.png

Stay Consistent on Social

Posting on social is the best way to let your existing community know about your show, but it’s not a guarantee that people will tune in right away. With some repetition and consistency, you can turn the trickle of listeners into a fire hose.

“I post before every show. I’m on every Wednesday night, and you might not see me post about anything else but I’m going to be posting about my show.” - donnysmoove


Above All Else, Be Yourself

Amp is home to live shows with music and talk, curated by real people. There’s also a growing community of creators and listeners that support and encourage each other to be their true selves.


Amp is a place where everyday people can become successful creators, just by hosting shows around the music and topics they love. You don’t need big following on social media or creative experience — get started today!

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