Creator Stories: Succeeding on Amp

Starting from zero and building from the ground up


Creating content takes time, so it’s important to identify tactics that help maximize your time and efforts. With this in mind, top Amp creators @outlastshirts and @tribeheart pulled back the curtain to share their best tips for succeeding on Amp. They’ve been building community and tinkering with formats since they started, and now they’re sharing the secrets.

Find What You Love

For most of us, it’s easy to talk about things we like. Identifying your passions and what excites you is a great first step in building successful and lasting content.

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Stay Consistent

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Consistency doesn’t mean you need to host the same show every time. It means bringing your unique personality to Amp on a regular basis and trying things out. Find your niche and double-down on it.

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Connect with the Community

One of the best parts about Amp is the active, engaged community of creators and listeners. Real friends can be made here, and great experiences happen daily. To maximize your time on Amp, double-down on this community by reaching out to others, joining new shows, and participating in chat.

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Amp is a blank slate for audio creativity, and any creator can find success by applying these ideas and testing out some others. If you’re looking for thought-starters for your next show, we got you! Check these out.

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