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Find what you need to sign-up and create a profile that speaks to who you are and sets you up to find shows with music, topics and communities where you can be yourself✨

Step One: Log In

To get started log in with your Amazon account or sign up for one to get the full Amp app experience.

Step Two: Profile Time

Upload a pic

Choose how fellow listeners see you. For the shy, we have a default avatar. For the rest, show us what you look like with a photo off your phone.

Hello, my name is...

Help people find and get to know you with a handle and display name. To add your @ create a handle of 3 to 16 lowercase letters and numbers, plus _ and . Real names are rad, but nicknames and existing handles work too🙂

Then give yourself a Display Name using up to 30 characters. Use a name or randomly quote Mark Twain. Whatever makes you happy. It’s a profile not a baby.

Yes. Another short bio.

We know you love writing them 😬, so we’re giving you up to 80 characters to describe yourself. The more details you give, the easier you can connect with like-minded people and up your chances that show hosts will accept your call-in request.

Drop a URL

There’s only room for☝️URL of your choosing, but you can update it at any time. 100 character limit. (e.g.

Give your profile some color

Do you live for Pantone? Then you’ll love getting to choose which color you want for your background. Keep uploading your profile pic until you find the color that best matches you🌈

Step Three: Choose your interests

Select three or more things you’re really into from music, sports, life, culture and entertainment. The more you tell us, the better our list of recommended shows for you to start listening to🎧 Interests can always be added or removed at any time from your profile page. Just tap the three dots and choose “Settings” then “Interests.”

Step Four: Set Them Notifications

Opt in to receive updates on upcoming shows, events, or a 🔔 when your favorite creator feels like going live. If you opt out but change your mind, just update your preferences in your phone’s settings and never miss a show.

Amp is a welcoming community where safety and comfort are paramount. Please see our Community Guidelines for content restrictions (Violence, Hate, Criminal Activity)

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