Getting Creative With Your Show

Spice up your shows on Amp to make your content truly stand out


Consistency and creativity are key to growing on Amp. But let’s be honest, sometimes fresh show ideas aren’t so easy to come by. That’s where we can help. We came up with some inventive, steal-able show ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing. Feel free to use them as thought-starters for your own spinoff ideas.

We’ll Do It Live!

Hop on Amp after that game-sealing three pointer in the Finals. Recruit friends to dissect the epic season finale of that high school-sci-fi-paradise-murder show. And something always happens during Awards season. Let the ever-turning wheel of pop culture provide the drama, then break it down LIVE.

This Word is Lava

Invite callers to bring their hottest tales and spiciest takes, with one major rule — as soon as they say “like/uhm/ya know” or any predetermined lava word, they have to end their story and it’s the next guest’s turn. You and your guests will perfect that TED Talk voice in no time.

Or, make it a buzzword. How many times can you convincingly replace “now” with “meow” before someone in chat catches on? Only one way to find out.

Who’s on ____’s Ipod?

Amp creator @dandylion picks a character from film, TV, or literature and builds a playlist around what their potential music tastes might be. Television’s Mr. Rogers was the first subject, a nod to the inspiration for the show itself — just daydreaming like he taught us all to do.

“It makes a person stop and ask themselves that very question,” he explained. “What is on Batman’s, or Jim & Pam’s iPod? Humans tend to observe the world in 3 second intervals. My goal was to capture someone’s attention for at least 3 seconds with this show. It’s also nostalgic to mention a relic like an iPod, and a little nostalgia always brings people joy.”


So Sag of you. Invite listeners to call in while you read them their horoscopes on air. Break down a guest’s birth chart, tell them their Moon is in Taurus and then actually explain what that means. Spread good karma to all.

Guess This, Win That

Everybody loves good old-fashioned trivia. Pick a theme — say, 90’s pop — then quiz your audience. The other two members of Destiny’s Child were...? First correct guess in the chat wins a prize, claps, or a follow. Plus the admiration of their peers for remembering Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Amp is a blank slate for audio creativity, and any creator can find success with their own zany idea. If you’re looking for tips to building a successful show from some of our top creators, we got you! Check this out.

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