More Minutes On Air = More Growth

Amp Creator Fund has launched and now hundreds of creators are turning their music tastes and hot takes into cash, some taking home thousands of dollars in rewards for playing their favorite songs, and interacting with their listeners — all from the comfort of their homes with nothing but an iPhone in hand.

But how do I get that bag? We’re glad you asked. Just start creating. And keep in mind some of these best practices employed by Amp’s most successful creators to grow their audiences:

Remember, listeners come to Amp to find LIVE channels. This means you are most discoverable when you are live.

More Minutes On Air = More Growth

Whether it was more shows or more hours streamed, Amp’s most successful creators are live an average of 8 hours a week.

Go Live Often & With Consistency

The most successful creators on Amp go live at least 3 times per week at a regular cadence, allowing their listeners to form appointment listening habits. Top creators went live an average of 6 times a week.

Go Live Longer

The recommended show length to be successful on Amp is 90 minutes. Creator fund participants who met that recommendation were among the biggest earners, averaging 85 minutes per show.

Plan Around Big Moments on Amp

Some of the most successful creators on Amp plan their shows around when their favorite creator is going live (like Nicki Minaj). Pre-shows can help set the mood and get people excited for the big show, and post shows are a place for people to discuss and dissect. Take advantage of “shoulder programming” by going live around big moments.

Interact & Engage With Listeners

Amp lets anyone create a live radio show with the music they love, take calls, and connect with listeners in chat in real-time. Amp’s most successful creators do more than just play music, they interact consistently, with frequent calls to action, inviting people to participate in the show, following back, and reading and responding to people in chat by name.

Play More Music

All of Amp’s most successful creators play music. Top creators play an average of 8 songs per show, with hip-hop, R&B, and rap being the most popular genres. Playing music allows hosts to stay live longer, share their tastes, and create talking points for host-audience interaction.

Co-Promotion & Sharing The Love

Top creators on Amp aren’t just in it for themselves, they’re in it for each other. The most successful creators consistently drove their audiences and participated in other creators’ shows through call-in, chat, follows, applause and shares, and invited other creators to guest on their shows. There’s strength in numbers.

Call in to Amp Crew

Almost all the top earners from the Creator Fund were consistent participants in the weekly Amp Crew shows hosted by Amp staff (follow @ampcrew). Here they interact directly with Amp experts and each other in a Q&A format, learning how to finesse their content, optimize features, and drive audiences from their social platforms to their Amp shows.

For more best practices on how to start or grow your Amp show, including tips on show promotions and reaching new audiences, check out our getting started guide at

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