Go Live & Interact

Audience participation starts with you

Mic check. Make sure your your phone is switched to “do not disturb” mode, your headphones are connected (bluetooth works best), and that you’re in a quiet place with good WiFi or cell reception. Because once you press the “go live” button, you’re on air for all to hear. What you do next is entirely up to you...

Play Music

You can seamlessly toggle back and forth between the show and music screens. Once your first listener tunes into the show, you can press play on your song of choice from your playlist, and Amp will automatically begin the song and mute all mics — host and callers. You can add new songs, pause, resume, or end a song at anytime. While waiting for your first listener, you can play up to three solo jams to set the vibe.

Note: Audio quality on the host side is reduced when playing music for latency reduction. However, listeners receive your show and the songs you play in a higher fidelity.


I Don’t Have Listeners Yet

That’s perfectly normal. To help your show stand-out to potential listeners, ensure you’ve selected at least two accurate topics (e.g. hip-hop + R&B), and included a show title that gives listeners clear and concise context on what to expect from your show.

  • Good: Live reactions to Lakers v Utah
  • Bad: Whose gonna take the w at staples tonight?
  • Good: Discussion: Go-To Sob Tunes + Call-in!
  • Bad: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours - fav Sob tunes that is!

While you’re waiting for listeners to join, scroll the web or your socials and react live to today’s news and events in the genres you care about.

Pro tip: Scheduling your show at least 24 hours in advance makes it visible on the home screen, allowing potential listeners to discover, follow, and set notifications for your show.

Enable Chat

With chat enabled, you can field questions, take requests, play trivia, and respond to your community in real time during your show and in song play. Chat is automatically enabled for all shows, but if you’d rather have peace and quiet, you can disable chat before you go live, or at any time during your show.

Set the tone in chat by reminding your listeners to keep it cool and abide by our House Rules.

Encourage Participation


Encourage Callers Participation. Not everyone will be comfortable calling in, so enable chat to let the audience share takes, trivia, or tall tales. And don’t be afraid to do some call-in prompting! Make sure your call-in requests are enabled, then encourage and accept callers whenever possible. Creating a welcoming environment, nurturing conversations, and acknowledging audience contributions (however you choose) will encourage them to become regulars.

Enable Call-In

Now you’re live, you can enable the call-in feature by selecting the “invite callers” button. This will take you to the “add callers” page where you can enable the feature. When it’s not enabled, listeners won’t see the call-in button. When enabled, this is the screen where your caller requests will appear.

Enable Clips

Once enabled, your listeners can snag 30-second soundbites from your shows and share on their socials! Let your listeners play publicist as they spread the good word about your show.

Caller Requests

All caller requests will live on your “add callers” page. It’s up to your discretion if you invite them to speak or not. Once you select “invite”, the caller will automatically join, and be muted. So remind them to unmute when you ask them to introduce themselves.

Caller Limit

We want to help you create engaging shows, easily. Up to five callers can be on any one show at a time. Like talk radio, hosts can end calls and invite new callers at any time.

Muting & Removing Callers

All callers start muted, and show hosts can remove individual callers at any time. You can remove one or two, or all five, by clicking on their individual icons from your “show” screen, then selecting “remove”. You can do this when the conversation has finished, when the caller has bad reception, or someone is violating your show rules. When you play a song, all microphones are automatically muted. When the song ends, your mic will automatically unmute. But you’ll need to remind your callers to unmute when you’re ready for discussion.

Ending Calls

To remove a caller for any reason, you can tap their icon and a pop-up with their profile will appear. From here you choose to remove them from the call, block and remove them, and or report them for violating Amp’s Community Guidelines.


You’re in control of your show — who gets to speak, and when. Moderation tools available to you include: cancelling call-in requests, removing callers, reporting callers, and disabling call-in requests entirely. You can do all this from your “show” or “add callers” screens. Tap their icon and a pop-up will appear with their profile and the options available to you.
Amp takes community guidelines violations seriously. See Community Guidelines for more information on reporting and actions.

Ending Shows

Just as easy as starting one. Click the “end show” button and your show and any calls or music will automatically end. You’ll immediately receive show analytics, then it’s time to schedule your next show!


At the end of every show you’ll be presented with metrics to help understand your show’s performance. During Beta, these include peak listeners, total likes, and duration of show. We’ll be adding more data points as we grow.

Audio Devices

Amp supports all Bluetooth-connected devices, and most headphones connected through the iPhone Lighting adapter (jack 3.5mm).

Audio Effects & Vocal Mixing

Audio effects and vocal mixing are possible with a number of set-ups. See the Audio Effects page for more details.

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