Grow My Community

Plant the seeds to nurture a thriving community of listeners and callers


Amp is more than a music-based audio service – it’s a living, breathing universe of communities, each one with a unique set of values. You get to establish the ground rules for your individual community, but every listener who listens or calls in to your show plays a part in making it feel like home. So as a show host, it’s important to help facilitate that sense of familiarity.

Set The Tone

Including show rules in your bio (if there’s still room!) helps you shape the community you want to lead. But don’t let the “r” word dull your enthusiasm. This is where you signal the code you want your community to live by – as relaxed, strict or offbeat as you like.

Lead By Example

You’re not just the entertainer, you’re the leader of your community. You get to set the tone, values, and rules. Spend some time thinking through what type of community you want to be a part of and then model those things for your listeners – both when you’re live, or communicating off Amp.

Recognize Regulars

In no time at all you can have a group of loyal listeners who regularly tune in, call in, and support you. Recognize your regulars with things like shouting out their names when they call in, following them on Amp and off, and encouraging them to call on.

Establish Community Rituals

Do you have a catch phrase or a consistent greeting for your audience? Are there call-and-response moments you repeat with callers? These types of rituals are a fun way to bring your community together.

Name Your Community

Like “Barbz”, naming or theming a community can be another good way to create a sense of belonging.

Keep The Conversation Going Off Air

You can’t always be live, but that doesn’t mean your community ceases to exist between shows. Create an online destination where your community can stay in contact with one another when you’re not live, and contribute suggestions for your next show.

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