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Amp is more than a live radio app where anyone can host their own live show with the music the love — it’s a living, breathing universe of communities, each with a unique set of values. You get to establish the theme and rituals for your community, but everyone who listens, calls in, chats, or calls in to your show plays a part in making it feel like home.

Keep reading for tips to facilitate that sense of familiarity, straight from real creators on Amp.

Just Do You

The Amp library has tens of millions of songs, so it’s never been easier to create your one-of-a-kind playlist to share your unique taste.

Think about the style, format, and length of what you want your show to be, then give it a go!

Be true to yourself and what you know best.

Lead By Example

You’re not just the entertainer, you’re the leader of your community. You get to set the tone, values, and rules. Spend some time thinking through what type of community you want to be a part of and then model those things for your listeners – both when you’re live, or communicating off Amp.

Shout Out Your Community

Your show can become New York’s hottest club just by inviting conversation and having fun. Play trivia, take requests, and urge your listeners to share their hot takes. In no time at all you can have a group of loyal listeners who regularly tune in, chat, and support you. Recognize your community by shouting out their names when they chat, following them both on Amp and off, and encouraging them to engage with other listeners.

Tune In and Share the Love

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Amp is a growing, thriving community. Your fans might have shows of their own, and kick-butt ones at that.

Tune into other shows, say hello, and vibe along. Once you’ve built a relationship with other creators, they might invite you to co-host their show with them, or tell their audience to tune in to your next show.

You can show your appreciation by returning the favor.

Establish a Community Theme

Whether it’s a certain emoji in your display name or a hashtag in your bio, establish a community theme with your fellow Amp mates to create a sense of belonging. Want to make ride-or-die fans feel as special as they are? Create unofficial badges just for them ✨

Connect on Social

You can’t always be live, but that doesn’t mean your community isn’t. Connect with your community members on social media to show your support and share their shows. You can also create an online destination where your followers can stay in touch anytime or ask them for their suggestions for your next show.

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