Interactive Formats

Thought-starters to help you develop shows that interest you and your audience


Creative block happens. Read on for some ideas that might stir up one of your own.

There’s no limit to the creativity of the Amp creator community. And we can’t wait to hear what formats you come up with. If you find yourself stuck for new show ideas, here are some starter concepts to kick off the brainstorm:


Pull together a playlist of songs, theme them, then go live. Keep things lively by talking about the theme and why you selected the tracks after you’ve played them – even if you haven’t found a big audience yet. Once you have a few listeners, banter with them, ask their opinions, encourage them to call in, and give shout-outs to new listeners, followers, and callers.

Share Your Passion

From sneakers to reggaeton, basketball to relationship advice — no matter what your interest is, you should share, perform, or demonstrate it on Amp. You can do digital tailgates and preview upcoming sports matchups, workshop dating profiles with callers, sidecast a TV show live with your own hot takes, or play buzz-in 90s hip-hop trivia with your callers. Use topics and vibes tags for your show to let listeners know what to expect

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Reaction-based Formats

Scroll the internet with your community, read news stories or watch videos and give your hot takes on everything from memes and music, to pop culture and sports. Ask callers to help you decide what to share reactions on next. Post links to your existing social accounts in your profile, and have your community contribute to your upcoming show by adding topics to discuss live on Amp.

Chat With Callers

Feel like just chatting talk-back style? No extra effort necessary. Decide upon a topic, add it to your show title, select relevant tags, then go live and engage your listeners in discussion like a talkshow panel. Ask their advice. Answer their questions. Let them help guide the direction of the show. And add in songs based on your discussion topics so you never have to worry about dead air!

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