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Starting on May 16, Joe Budden will be going LIVE every Monday on his ground-breaking new Amp show “Music Lovers Only.” Join Joe and some very special guests as they play the latest drops in music, discuss need-to know cultural moments, the impact of fashion on the industry, and so much more. Plus, Joe and his guests are taking your calls LIVE on air. All you need to do is tune in to Amp at 5pm ET every Monday.

Alexa, meet Joe Budden!

Joe’s collaboration with Amp on Alexa opens up a new channel for Amp content to reach more people, beyond iOS customers. Listeners can listen to Amp without having to download an app, sign-up or login; instead, simply saying, “Alexa, play Amp” will enable the service for anyone with an Echo device. Listeners can also tune in to Joe’s “Music Lovers Only” show through their Alexa mobile app.

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LIVE 5.16.22 on Amp
Joe Budden’s new show on Amp is “Music Lovers Only.” It’s an organic curation of songs across all genres for music lovers everywhere—hand-selected purely on the basis of enjoyment and current mood. Because music is just what feelings sound like.

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