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Enjoy the unexpected from live shows you can listen to and be a part of. Dig in and discover new music, explore hot topics or chill and have fun connecting with others like you🫶 Learn how to do this and more with our tips and tricks below.

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Find out how to start immersing yourself into the music, culture and sports you love with people you like. Chat with fellow die-hard fans or call-in to talk to your fave creators. You can also set 🔔s to never miss a show and save songs that were 💯 made for you.

Featured Shows

Discover a variety of shows from this wide-ranging list of creators worth following.

Step into Halsey’s world of friends, family and musical favorites live on Amp.
NBA star Draymond Green sounds off on the NBA & the top stories from around the association. Follow @draymondgreen to find out when he goes live each week.
Catch Tinashe spill the tea on music, art, pop culture, tech, love, and more every other Tuesday @ 12pm PT/3pm ET.
Hear from some of the biggest names in music and entertainment with great music in between Mon – Fri @ 6pm ET/3pm PT.
The app, Alexa, Echo Show, Web Player.
Find out all the different ways you can get this party started 🎉
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