Listener Features

When you sign-up, you get to do more than just listen. You can call in or chat your thoughts and hot takes, build a community and shower artists and creators with ❤️ and 👏.

Soon you can test-drive the app as a guest, but going in for the whole enchilada is how to deeply connect with music, shows, culture and people as awesome as you.

Request to Call In

When a show host turns on the call-in feature, a “Request to Call In” button appears. Then tap the button to join the show. To end your call, tap the “End Call” button. If you change your mind, a “Cancel Request” option is available then and when the host accepts your request. If you don’t see a button to call-in, it’s because the host isn’t taking any or they hit their max capacity of 5 callers. Be sure to turn your mic on and unmute yourself when the host passes the mic to you.


Want to chat with others listening in? Just tap the “Ready to chat with other listeners?” prompt at the bottom of the screen. Then flow with or get the conversation started.

Like and Applause

Likes not only help us deliver better show recommendations for you, they’re also just really nice to give and receive🤗 So show your favorite creator how much you appreciate them by liking their show while it’s happening, and then tap 👏 when they play or say something you can’t help but give a big round of applause to.

Save Songs You Like (on iOS only)

Hear a song you like? You can save songs to your My Music list by tapping ➕. You can find My Music by clicking on the three dots at the top right of your profile and on Amazon Music where you can play songs automatically added to your Amp My Music playlist.

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