Music Is Therapy
with Hesta Prynn

Call in for music and mental health with celebrity clinical therapist/DJ Hesta Prynn, three nights a week @ 8:30 ET.


About Music Is Therapy

What song first felt like it belonged to you? What song makes you feel cool? What song says what you can’t? Welcome to Music Is Therapy, the call-in show where DJ and clinical therapist Hesta Prynn discusses the emotional engine behind songs three nights a week from 8:30-10pm EST. Call in and speak what you feel with Hesta about music and how it is connected to our state of mind and mental health.

Hesta Prynn

NYC-based DJ and licensed psychologist Hesta Prynn knows how to make everyone (yes, everyone) feel cool. The former SiriusXM radio host is known for promoting music as a form of therapy and is a regular speaker at global leadership summits. Hesta is the co-founder of Team Slavin, a commercial video content production company, and has been featured in numerous fashion campaigns and television commercials, and can regularly be found in the New York Times and Page Six. When she’s not DJing or hosting live shows, Hesta raises a daughter in New York.

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