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Brand Guidelines and Social Assets
At Amp, we’re all about supporting your unique creative vision. That’s why we created an Amp package full of all the creative tools to help get you launched into the Amp airwaves.

Note: End cards come in three different sizes (stories, reels, and in-feed posts) that work for TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Adding an end card to your Instagram Video
First, start a reel and upload your video or film it in-app. Hit add, then swipe up and select your end card from your camera reel. Add it to your video and drag the timer to at least 2s. Hit add again, and then hit next to embellish it with stickers and other assets.

Adding an end card to your TikTok video
First, start a TikTok and upload your video or film it in-app. When you’re done, hit the check mark, then hit the edit button. There, you can add the end card and adjust it to at least 2s.
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Creator Toolkit
The self-service toolkit is designed to give you everything you need to grow your show. Each section includes advice on how to ensure your audiences know where to find you and how to get the most from your content.
Creative Templates
Here are customizable show templates to use to promote your Amp show. Just download the templates, drop in your details, and go.
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Video End Cards
End cards are a nice way to wrap up your video. That way your content stays consistent, boosts brand awareness, and encourages potential listeners to download the app.
Run of Show Templates
Structure your shows like the pros with these run of show templates. Just drop in your playlist and show topics, then go live.
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Calls-to-Action Cards
Get and keep more listeners by sharing how best they can listen on Amp. Tap here to encourage your audience to download the app, call-in, chat and get notified on your next show.
Logo Usage Guidelines
We can’t wait to see what you create. All we ask is that you follow a few rules when using our logo. Our design team thanks you.