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Tips to help establish your brand on Amp


Anyone can set up a profile. These best practices well help yours stand out.


This is your brand on Amp. It’s how people find you and should match your other social media handles.

Profile Pic

This is the image people will associate with your brand on Amp. Make sure it’s clear and memorable, and consistent with your other handles. During Beta, this also doubles as your show art.

Display Name

This is only visible in your profile, or once listeners preview your profile during a show. With 30 characters available, it’s a good place for a call to action (e.g. LiveFridaysAt9am_turnonnotifs!). Or to include your real name, nickname, or meaningful message (e.g. Don’t Discriminate).



Think of this as context for your listeners. What type of content can they expect from you and how often? It’s also a good place to include show rules for your community. These help shape the community you want to lead (e.g. please stay muted until I ask you to unmute). See more in Grow My Community.


This is your link in bio. Use it to promote your other content, something you mentioned in your show, or direct listeners to your Amazon merch store. See more in Grow My Community.

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