Promoting My Show

Want to push the hype before going live? Use the tips below to drive tune-in.


So your Amp show hits the airwaves in a few days, and you’re excited to spin that playlist. But what good is your musical genius if nobody is around to hear it? Let’s dig into some tips to build the hype before showtime. Take “I wish” to “can’t miss.”

Lean In To Being Live

Creating content on Amp is similar to creating on other platforms — you consider your audience, prepare your material, and let the creative juice take over. But since Amp is live, creators have more freedom to be dynamic and make that “can’t miss” content, like the radio stars from years’ past.

Lean in to that unique Amp experience by encouraging listeners to call in and chat with you. Promote your shows on social media multiple times before going live (more on that below), or invite a co-host for a portion of your show and have them promote it, too. And stay specific in your messaging. Before going live, let your listeners know what you’ll be talking about, who your guests will be, or what genres of music you’ll be playing.

Refine Your Messaging

What’s your show about? Single living in the city, with dating disasters by the dozen? Meditation Monday? Cookin’ with Cal? Whatever your niche might be, developing a single theme for your show will help your audience know what they’re getting. It also helps to build a community of loyal listeners who won’t want to miss an episode.

Spread the Word on Social Media

“Meet them where they are,” as the saying goes. Your audience is scrolling Twitter and double-tapping IG posts as we speak. Hop on your most-followed social platform, or wherever you think your post will resonate, and let them know what your Amp show is all about.

Post multiple times the week of the show to build awareness of your show, especially on Instagram. An Instagram story only last a day, so if your show airs Friday afternoon, spread the word on Wednesday. Or, better yet — post to the Instagram grid for a more permanent shout out.

Post the day of your show. People forget stuff — laundry in the washer, peanut butter at the store, and even their favorite content. A reminder, with a call-to-action, helps guide listeners to you right before you hit the airwaves. “Going live @on_amp in 45 minutes! Let’s talk Dating Disasters.”

People love pretty colors. Spice up your Show Art to a high-quality image, one that reflects the vibe of your show. Try it as a TikTok background, make it your Amp profile picture. Promote widely.

Or better yet: just tap the “share” icon in the show screen to generate a shareable poster for your socials. No design skills necessary.

Leverage the live aspect of other platforms. Jump on TikTok or Instagram for a live hit prior to going live on Amp.

Team Up With A Guest

Double the reach, baby.

Combine your efforts on social media, and make sure to tag each other (and @on_amp). Remind your listeners where they can find you, when your show is, and what you’ll be talking about. Be specific in your message.

Tell your Audience to Follow You

By following your profile on Amp, your listeners have the option to get notified every time you’re going live by tapping the bell icon next to the Follow button.

When you hit “Go Live” and see the countdown, your notified followers will get a ping that tells them you’re running the airwaves. They can immediately tune in from that notification.

Share Your Profiles and Shows

Use the share icon (the white arrow) to copy the link to your Amp profile. You can use this in an Instagram Story as a sticker, add it to your bios on social media, and text it to your friends.

Have a scheduled show, or did you already go live? Share arrows will work from both screens to help you drive your listeners to your profile.

“What’s your show called again?” Your listeners can also search for your show using the search icon from the home screen. Your Amp handle and your show title are searchable.

Do Your Show!

Nothing left but to do it! You’ve posted about it and people are ready to tune in. Don’t leave them hanging, get on air! Hosts that are on-time and complete regular shows will build their communities more quickly and foster trust with their listeners. If you do have to reschedule for whatever reason, not to worry. Just follow up with your audience and let them know. Bailing never helps.

It’s an exciting time for Amp — we’re young and growing. Not every host is going to be playing to thousands of listeners right away, but we’re all building communities here, together. Spread the word of your Amp show on social, tell your friends to follow you to get notified, and let’s run the airwaves.

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