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Listeners come to Amp to find LIVE channels. This means you are most discoverable when you are live. You can help listeners find you and encourage them to tune-in to your show by keeping these best practices in mind:

Accurately Set Your Show Description

Your show details include a title, description, and three topic or vibe tags. For your show’s discovery, it’s important to fill out each of these fields accurately. This info not only helps listeners decide what to listen to, but it ensures Amp discovery systems promote your content to the right audiences.

Deliberately miscategorizing your show can create a negative viewer experience, result in lower listenership for your stream, and result in Community Guidelines violations.

Set & Share Your Schedule


Because you’ll only be live for an hour or two each show it’s incredibly important that your listeners know when to tune in. Determine what your show schedule will be in advance, communicate it to your community on all your channels, and stick to it! You can do this on Amp by scheduling shows in advance so they show in your profile as upcoming shows, including a regular schedule in your bio, and or a call to action in your display name (e.g. Live Fridays At 9am).

Pro tip: Scheduling your show at least 24 hours in advance makes it visible on the home screen, allowing potential listeners to discover, follow, and set notifications for your show.

Stay Live Longer

You can increase the odds of connecting with an audience by staying live longer. Most creators stay live between 1 and 2 hours. If you stream for less time, you have a smaller window for audiences to find you. Remember: Amp has tens of millions of licensed songs to curate for your audiences.

Go Live More Often

The more often you’re live, the more likely new audiences will discover you. No need to overdo it. Do what works for you and your schedule. Creators who go live at least 3 times a week are more likely to build audiences quicker.

Add Some Variety

There’s a lot to be said for being a specialist on your single topic of choice. But there can be value in experimenting with your content, too. Regularly streaming 2-3 different formats with unique topics (e.g. Sports Preview Show, Themed Song Countdown, Ballpark Food) helps you reach wider audiences, and can be more likely to increase your listener base quicker.

Promote Your Shows to Drive Tune-In

While non-live audio services like podcasts are designed for individual on-demand listening, Amp’s live nature favors collective appointment viewing — all listeners tuning in together during the same window. You can encourage appointment viewing by promoting your schedule and upcoming streams on social media, your profile, and with verbal shout-outs in your shows.

Post on your socials before and during your show to get content suggestions and drive audiences to your show in real time. Check out this blog for tips on how to get the most out of your social posts.

Collaborate With Other Creators

Double the fun, double the reach. Calling in to other creators’ shows and having them call in to yours will not only provide unique content to listeners, but open each of you up to new audiences. There’s no stronger endorsement to potential new listeners than guesting on one of their favorite creator’s shows.

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