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Referral Program
Answers to questions about the Referral Program.
What is the Amp Referral Program?
We’re launching the Amp Referral Program to foster sharing this app you love. The Referral Program is an invite-only program where we will reward customers $5 for each new user they refer from their unique referral link. For more information, please see the Terms and Conditions of the Amp Referral Program.
Am I eligible to earn from the Amp Referral Program?
You must be invited to the program via email. In the future we hope to roll this out to more people. For more information on eligibility, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.
How do I refer someone?
Simply copy and paste your unique referral link from the email invitation and share it with friends or family. You must clearly and prominently state the following when sharing your referral link: “As a participant in Amp’s referral program, I earn rewards when Amp accounts are created using my referral link.” Your friend of family member needs to click on the link, download the app and complete a profile. You will only be rewarded if the people you send your referral link to complete a profile. Clicks and installs are not enough to get rewarded.
What do I tell people about Amp?
While not a requirement to earn, telling people what you love about Amp may help you have more successful referrals. Here is an example:

Amp is where artists, athletes, creators, and everyday people connect with their fans and one another in real time, interact through call-in and chat, and bond over playing and listening to the music they love. Go live with your very own radio show and take the fan experience to a whole new level by giving your community the opportunity to be your co-hosts and guest stars.
Where can I find my referral code?
Your unique referral link is only available in the invitation email we sent to you. There is no way to share this link from the Amp app.
What is the reward?
A reward in this instance is $5 for a successful referral which means that a friend has completed a new profile. You are only eligible to earn up to a total of $500.
How do I get credit/what constitutes a successful referral?
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions. We will determine in our sole discretion whether your referral link was used to complete the signup process.
How many referrals can I send?
You may send your referral link to as many people as you like. We recommend sending them to your friends, family, followers, etc. You are only eligible to earn up to a total of $500.
Can I refer someone who has an Android?
Yes! Amp is now available on both iOS and Android devices and your referral link will work for both.
Can I refer someone outside of the US?
No, Amp is only available in the US at this time.
What if multiple people refer the same person?
Multiple referral links could be sent to the same person, but only the link used to actually complete the new profile will be credited with a reward.

Where am I allowed to share my referral code?
You can share your link with friends, family, your followers on social media or other groups you are close with. You are not allowed to refer Amp users using spam, display advertising, sponsored links, unsolicited emails, or links on message boards or forums.
Is there a limit to how much I can earn?
Yes, we are capping earnings at $500.
How will I know if I’ve earned a reward?
When you are invited to the program, you will be prompted to sign up with Impact. Impact will allow you to track your progress and get paid for your referrals and will alert you when you have earned a reward. Please note, it may take up to one to two weeks for your rewards to be reflected in Impact.
How do I sign up for Impact?
To sign up for Impact, follow the link that you received in your email invitation. To help you sign up, you can follow this guide.
What if a friend signs up but forgets to use my link or code?
If your friend has already completed their profile they are not eligible to count as a successful referral. If your friend has downloaded the app, but not yet completed a profile, they can click on your referral link and complete the profile and you may get credit for that referral.
What if I don’t receive my reward?
Please note, it may take one to two weeks for your rewards to be reflected in Impact. If you think that you are missing a reward payment, you should contact Impact’s customer service.
Who do I contact if I believe my reward was not calculated correctly or I did not receive it?
Please reach out to
If I have a question about my reward payment in Impact, who do I contact?
If you have questions about a reward payment you see in Impact, please reach out to Impact directly.
When does the Referral Program Launch? When does it end?
We are launching our referral program in August 2023. We will run the program through December 31, 2023. Rewards can only be issued by using your unique referral link during this period, past referrals do not count. Please note that these dates are subject to change.
Impact Referral Program Signup Guide
Guide to walk you through the Impact sign-up process.
Amp Impact Signup Guide
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