Set the Vibe on Amp

Ready to set the vibe? Here are our tips to create your own Mood Mix live whenever the mood hits you.


Whatever you’re feeling, there’s a playlist to be built around it. Amp’s encouraging you to express how you feel and set a tone for the day with a mix from as little as three songs to 20. Go live on the app with your #MoodMix playlist and find others on your vibe. Spark up a conversation in chat or bring on a caller to connect over how your music reflects whatever’s on your mind and theirs.

Shows with #MoodMix at the end of the title will be displayed in our featured Mood Mix carousel on the app home page. From there, listeners can find shows that match their vibe – whether they’re feeling a Friday Pregame, Songs to Mend a Broken Heart, or a Chill Wind Down after work.

For experienced and new creators, mood-based shows can be a great way to spark fresh show themes, make it easy to go live consistently, and inspire engagement with listeners. To help you out, here are some best practices to get the most from your #MoodMix show:

  1. Schedule regularly: Schedule your show ahead of time and make a habit of going live daily or at a regular cadence. That way you can share on your profile the days and times when listeners can tune in and increase your chances of being featured in our #MoodMix carousel.
  2. Use hashtag #MoodMix: Our dedicated carousel on the homepage will feature shows with #MoodMix in the title. Be sure to describe the show’s theme in the title (i.e. Friday Pump Up #MoodMix).
  3. Use our topic tags: To help get discovered and help listeners on the same vibe find you, make sure to tag your show in the setup with relevant topic tags (i.e. Feel Good).
  4. Connect music with talk: We recommend mixing both music and talk on your show to give it context and further connect you with your audience. Talk in between tracks on why you picked your selection, how it relates to your mood, or tell a story that a song takes you back to.
  5. Make it convenient: #MoodMix shows are a sweet way to take a quick break from your daily hustle and share how you’re feeling through your playlist and talk. Host when and for however long it’s convenient to you. This can mean a quick three-song check-in, or an hour-long study break.
  6. Share candidly: Mood Mixes celebrate authenticity and open dialogue. Use #MoodMix as an opportunity to share your true, unfiltered self and inspire candid conversations with listeners and fellow creators alike.
  7. Share your show and tag @onamp: Use the share feature (click on the arrow on the top right hand corner of your show main screen) to share your show link on social media. When you do, make sure to tag @onamp so we can repost some amazing #MoodMix content.

We can’t wait to hear what you create and see you share your #MoodMix live!

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