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You only need an Amazon account to get started

Amp is part of the Amazon family, which means creating an account is as easy as logging in with your Amazon details. Don’t have an Amazon Account? No problem. It takes less than 60 seconds to create one (time it).

Add Your Username

This is the handle other Amp users will know you by (e.g. @hellotefi). We encourage using your real name. But nicknames and existing handles work, too. You can use from three up to 16 lowercase letters and numbers, plus _ and .

Add a Display Name

This is optional, and will only be visible on your profile (e.g. Live Daily 9pm or My Dad Fights Ghosts). You can use up to 30 characters, and can change it at any time. It could be your real name, a nickname, or a random quote attributed to Mark Twain.

Write a Short Bio

You have up to 80 characters to tell your community a little about yourself. A detailed bio increases your chances of show hosts accepting your call-in requests, and helps incentivize listeners to follow you.

Include a URL

This could be your handle on another platform, link to your blog, Patreon, or link to other content you like. There’s only room for one URL, and you can update it at any time. There’s a 100 character limit. (e.g.

Upload a Profile Pic

This will be the image other Amp users see when you’re hosting a show, or called into one. The default avatars are kinda cool, but we recommend personalizing your profile by uploading an image from your phone’s camera roll – and putting a face to the voice in people’s ears.

Background Color

You can’t edit this just yet. Until then, we’ve added a little magic. Change your profile picture and see what happens. If you get a color you don’t like as your background color, upload the same pic again and you will get a different color.

Choose Your Interests

With great interests come great recommendations. Select as many as you like, and at least your top three. This will help you discover shows from creators with similar interests. You can always add or remove interests from your profile page. Tap the three dots and choose “settings”, then “interests”.


We’re keeping it simple. Opt in to receive updates on upcoming shows, events, and creator opportunities as they become available. If you opt out, you won’t get notifications when creators you follow go live, or from Amp. If you opted out of notifications and changed your mind, you can update preferences in your phone’s settings.

Amp is a welcoming community where safety and comfort are paramount. Please see our Community Guidelines for content restrictions (Violence, Hate, Criminal Activity)

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