Share the Aux

This Women’s History Month we’re connecting women storytellers from Amp and beyond to expand our reach and understanding of what it means to be a woman✨


If we’re ever to learn the full extent of what it means to live as a woman, then we have to expand our understanding of what that can look like by telling our stories in our own voices and in our own way. So for Women’s History Month, we’re asking creators who identify as women and their allies to #ShareTheAux with other women storytellers – musicians, artists, poets and actors – that have inspired and impacted their lives.

We also want to hear from you – your stories, music, what you love and care about. No need for filters, scripts, or perfectly constructed playlists. This is about celebrating and supporting each others’ truths, passions and experiences as women.

How to Share the Aux

Women creators and allies can participate in one of three ways:

  1. Record and post a video using one or more of the prompts below with the hashtag #ShareTheAux. Then tag @onAmp.
  2. Go live with your own Women’s History Month show and invite other women to co-host with you! Ask listeners to answer the questions below through chat, call-in or social media. Or make your show about what women in history or in music you would want to #SharetheAux with. Be creative!
  3. Tag other creators on Instagram or Twitter, telling them why they are important to you. Then ask them to pass the love down by tagging other women creators with #ShareTheAux and @onAmp.

Show prompts

  • What women in history inspired your journey as a creator? In what ways did they help you keep doing what you love?
  • What female storyteller throughout history would you want to collab/co-host with and why? What would your show topics be?
  • In your opinion, what is the quintessential story on womanhood that everyone needs to read or watch? When did you first experience it? If you would have that author/creator on your show what would you ask them about it?
  • What is the first song or album that made you go, “wow I feel so seen” and why? If there’s one thing you could tell that artist what would it be?
  • Who is the first female athlete you remember seeing yourself in? Describe how it felt to see yourself in her/them.
  • Who is a woman that empowers you to look and feel your best? What is it about them that exudes confidence?
  • How do you carry that confidence inspo when you go live on Amp?

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