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If you’ve hosted a show on Amp or just listened in the background, chances are pretty good that you’ve encountered Marisa Mendelson. After joining Amp in March of ’22, she’s quickly become a community and audience favorite.
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Amp’s resident Uncle. Eclectic mix every Sun 8PM ET, Tuesdays & Thursdays 9PM ET. Follow @dandy
Midwest gal with a love for music. Follow @theyellowbutton
Staying true to herself and playing all the hits. Follow @britty_bit
Abstract Artist/ DJing on AMP! Vietname Vets Hits, L.A.,Morrissey Heads, Punk. Follow @sledgemacen
Social Assets
At Amp, we’re all about supporting your unique creative vision. That’s why we created an Amp package full of all the creative tools to help get you. Download below (for free!)
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Calls-to-Action Cards
Use these cards to get and keep more listeners by sharing how best they can listen on Amp. Encourage your audience to download the app, call-in, chat and get notified on your next show.
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Video End Cards
End cards are a nice way to wrap up your video. That way your content stays consistent, boosts brand awareness, and encourages potential listeners to download the app. Add them to the final 2s of your video.
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Creative Templates
Here are customizable show templates to use to promote your show on and off Amp. Just download the templates, drop in your details, and go.
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