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Episode 2: CEO Trayle

“ gotta feed into your own hype to know exactly who you are.”
Watch episode 2 of The Come Up below to see how life’s road blocks haven’t been able to slow CEO Trayle down.

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Making boss moves
CEO Trayle moved around a lot, growing up in NYC, spending a couple of years in Birmingham, AL, and finally landing in Atlanta. As a kid in the Bronx, he started hanging with a much older crew who was rhyming in a makeshift home studio. Eventually he hopped on the mic and it clicked. By the time he moved south of Atlanta (Riverdale) at 16, music was already his goal. Plenty of obstacles would come, but creating music was the way he could emerge from the streets making the moves and the money he wanted to make.

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Stories from the streets
After being shot 7 times as the victim of a failed burglary, CEO Trayle refused to be defined by his circumstances. Instead, he channeled his stories of the streets into his music. He rhymes about the realities of life as he knows it, with a distinct voice and flow that seems to blend trap, drill, and southern hip-hop. CEO Trayle’s perseverance paid off when his song, “OK Cool,” went viral on social media, solidifying his position as a rising star in ATL hip-hop. (Hot Take: CEO Trayle HATED “OK Cool” at first, but fans had a different opinion.) As he navigates the challenges of the music industry and beyond, one thing is clear—for CEO Trayle, rapping is not just about success, it’s about leaving a legacy for his son and the streets he calls home.
“I was tired of moving around…in order for you to stop moving, you gotta make sure sh*t is straight where you at.” —CEO Trayle
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