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Episode 3: Ken Carson

“You just gotta make sure you’re bringing something new to the table, or it might not last long.”
Watch episode 3 below to get to know grunge rapper Ken Carson.

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Becoming a Black rock star
Ken Carson hails from the southwest side of Atlanta where he started rapping at 13 years old. After gaining popularity as an underground / Soundcloud rapper, he was discovered by fellow Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti and signed to his label, Opium, in 2019. We followed him to Miami to watch him perform in front of thousands of people at Rolling Loud—the largest hip-hop festival in the world. His hype stage presence energized the crowd as they surged and jumped screaming every song, word for word. This is definitely what it looks like when a rapper is also a rock star.
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Stay in the studio
Ken Carson makes tons of songs for his fans, without ever switching up to try to fit in. He stays true to what he thinks is good. He says, “I just do what I do and if people f*ck with it, they f*ck with it.” It seems that the studio is the one place where he can zone out, focus in, and make magic. Although he doesn’t really have a name for his sound, his rock star vibe and melodic flow fit well with “grunge rap.” At just 23 years old, Ken Carson has already made a huge name for himself in the music industry and we can’t wait to see how far he’ll go.

Introduce your listeners to grunge rap. Add a few Ken Carson tracks to your next Amp show.
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