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Episode 1 : Pote Baby

A “melting pot of flows, melodies, styles, and seasonings.”
Read his story and watch episode 1 of The Come Up below to see how he blends his chill Savannah style with the hustle culture of Atlanta.

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Straight out of Savannah
Rising rapper Pote Baby lives in Atlanta now, but his heart resides in Savannah, GA. His stage name is actually a nickname for the city, “Pote” comes from Savannah being a seaport city, except with a deep southern accent, port sounds more like “pote.” His family moved to Cobb County, GA, outside out Atlanta, when he was in high school, but his love for his hometown never left.
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Pote Baby developed an interest in music while watching his classmates rap in the cafeteria. Musically diverse, he’s inspired by things he loves—mostly movies and music from the late 90s/early 2000s (Hot Take: Fergie is in his Top 5 artists of all time.) His raw talent and true authenticity is what’s turning new listeners into forever fans.

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His rhymes are as vibrant as his personality, and quite frankly, he is who he is, there’s no switching up.
“If you know who you are and you’re not afraid to be who you are, you gon’ be okay in this world.”—Pote Baby
His journey as an overall creative is evolving; with a love for TV, movies, art, and style, there’s no limit to Pote Baby’s creative vision. His clothing brand, Gumbo—a name symbolic of the melding of southern flavors—is often sold out. He grants fans behind-the-scenes access to his life with 90s-style social media videos shot on a camcorder called the TwizzyCam. (“Twizzy” is another shout out to Savannah—the area code being 912, or as he calls it, “the 9-1-Twizzy.”) Pote Baby is a melting pot, much like the city that made him. And we can’t wait to see how he continues “telling stories for a unique type of south.”

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