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Get ready for an hour of pure fun, laughs, stories, and good-ass music. The Regrettes are here to bless your ears every Tuesday with a great time guaranteed. Come hang!

The Regrettes

From teen punk rock to powerhouse pop, L.A.-based garage band The Regrettes keep moving forward through self-reflection and homemade discos.

We all deserve happiness and to be present, and we’ll never get there if we feel so much shame and guilt for not being there already.
Lydia Night, singer and songwriter of The Regrettes.

Singer and songwriter Lydia Night and guitarist Genessa Gariano started The Regrettes and released their first studio album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, in 2017. Two years later, bassist Brooke Dickson and drummer Drew Thomsen joined the band. The Regrettes went on to record the critically-acclaimed LP How Do You Love?, headline sold-out shows, perform at mainstay festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, and on Good Morning America, Conan, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! Then came the pandemic.

I’ve had time to reflect, tap in, and master the vibe the way I want to. I’m really excited for everyone to hear it. This is me.

After more than a year apart, the band got together for a writing retreat where star-gazing, candid conversations, and a living room-turned-disco helped them discover a lightness in not-so-light subjects. From there they recorded their latest album Further Joy as a manual for living in these times, with plenty of pop and dance throughout.

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